Homeless People with Animal Companions

So you are homeless and have a pet

There are many great reasons for having a pet when you are homeless:
  • a friend
  • someone to love
  • someone to talk to
  • protection and safety
  • someone to look after

And lots more.  There can be difficulties in looking after your pet as well as you would like when you don't have somewhere to live and when you don't have much money.

This is a place where there is information to help you and as we get more resources to help you, this is where you will find them, in Resources.

There are some services and housing which are not open to you because you have a pet.  We are working with housing providers.  You can also work with your dog to help it to better manage being around other people and in services and shelters  - see Training.

Keeping your pet well and healthy you will have to be creative.  Think of ways to keep your dog occupied.  Training is a great way to stimulate your dog's mind.

if you can buy one toy then buy a Kong, which won't get destroyed and you can use to fill with treats or your dog's food to keep him busy.

You will need to think of ways to keep your pet cool.  If you have a pet in a car you will need to think how you can get your pet outside to cool down without him/her running away, especially if it is a cat.

If your pet has an accident, think what you have that you can use, for example, a towel could make a sling to carry your dog, you can use rolled up newspapers for splints, you can use a sock to help bandage a tail that's bleeding or cover a paw that's damaged.

A Kong

Fill with your dog's diner and it'll keep him occupied for a long time. These toys won't get destroyed through heavy chewing. Put a treat or two inside and the dog will take a long time to solve this puzzle.

If you have a cat in your car

It is important if you have a cat in your vehicle that you:

  • try to give your cat things to keep him/her occupied like a scratching post
  • make sure that you cat does not over-heat in warm and hot weather
  • make sure that your cat is safe and cannot escape from the vehicle into traffic